JAKARTA. PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange/IDX) booked net profit of IDR 964.27 billion, increasing 9.73% year-on-year (yoy), as the revenue grew 10.52% to IDR 2.9 trillion.

Out of the total revenue of IDR 2.9 trillion, IDX recorded income related to stock exchange transactions of IDR 2.37 trillion, climbing 9.08% yoy, whereas income from other than stock exchange transactions clocked up to IDR 134.39 billion or 19.49% higher year-on-year. Meanwhile, IDX’s total expenses reached IDR 1.69 trillion in 2022, shifting 11.03% yoy from IDR 1.52 trillion.

IDX then managed to score net profit attributable to the parent entity of IDR 964.2 billion in 2022, which was 9.73% higher from IDR 886.82 billion in 2021.

Meanwhile, its total assets were recorded at IDR 10.87 trillion, moving up from IDR 9.45 trillion in December 2021. Its liabilities slightly swelled from IDR 3.45 trillion to IDR 3.94 trillion, while its equity also increased from IDR 5.99 trillion to IDR 6.93 trillion. IDX was also reported having cash and cash equivalent of IDR 1.93 trillion in 2022, showing a slight slippage from IDR 1.98 trillion in 2021. (AM/ZH)