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JAKARTA - The profit of PT Indonesia Vehicle Terminal Tbk (IPCC) skyrocketed 169.28% to IDR 161.72 billion in 2022 from 2021 profit of IDR 60.05 billion. This achievement is in line with the 40.58% increase in revenue in 2022 from 2021.

As quoted from the 2022 Financial Report published on Thursday (30/3), Andi Hamdani, President Director of IPCC said that operating income was recorded at IDR 726.57 billion, an increase from 2021 revenue of IDR 516.83 billion. Gross profit was recorded at IDR 346.84 billion, an increase from IDR 198.24 billion and an operating profit of IDR 245.05 billion, an increase from IDR 113.27 billion.

Terminal Services contributed the most revenue amounting to IDR 671.07 billion, up from IDR 478.14 billion. Goods Services IDR 38.43 billion, an increase from IDR 32.55 billion, Miscellaneous Business Services grew to IDR 8.81 billion from IDR 4.98 billion, and Land, Building, Water and Electricity Businesses increased to IDR 8. 25 billion from IDR 1.15 billion. (LK/LM)