ITMG - PT. Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITMG) will allocate cash dividend of USD 774.15 million of its total net profit attributable to the parent company for the fiscal year 2022 of USD 1.2 billion. The remaining USD 425.91 million will be reserved as retained earnings for business expansion.

Monika Ida Krisnamurti, Corporate Secretary of Indo Tambangraya megah, specified that the cash dividend consists of USD 299.51 million or IDR 4,128 per share, which had been disbursed to the shareholders as interim dividend on November 22, 2022, while the remaining USD 474.63 million or IDR 6,416 per share will be channelled out as cash dividend.

“The cash dividend will be distributed to the shareholders on April 18, 2023, with the recording date set on April 12, 2023,” she mentioned in the information disclosure post its Annual General Shareholders Meeting quoted today (31/3).

The shareholders meeting was joined by the owners of 904.67 million shares, which represent 80.07% of total shares with valid votes.

In 2022, ITMG reported coal sales of 18.9 million tons and managed to collect revenue of USD 3.63 billion, as well as the net profit of USD 1.19 billion. In 2021, the profit was recorded at USD 2.07 billion, while the net profit clocked up to USD 475.39 million. (LK/ZH)