TRIS - PT. Trisula International Tbk

Rp 190

-3 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Trisula International Tbk (TRIS) was crowned as the top gainers in yesterday’s (13/4) transaction. This textile and garment manufacturer recorded 15.79% increment in its stock price from IDR 228 to IDR 264 per share.

According to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data compiled by IDNFinancials today (14/4), TRIS peaked at IDR 276 per share yesterday, after landing at its lowest of IDR 224 per share. The traded shares clocked up to 141.98 million, all recorded within 51,591 transactions worth IDR 37.27 billion in total.

TRIS’s foreign buy and sell were in contrast, recorded at 1.17 million shares and 246,000 shares, respectively. The sudden peak interest of foreign investors in TRIS’s shares might result from the company’s announcement regarding upcoming dividend distribution on May 12, 2023.

A day prior, on April 12, it gained IDR 10 increase in its stock price. The price was then closed at its peak of IDR 228 per share before finally touching the floor at IDR 220 each. The volume of traded shares was recorded at 4.64 million units within 637 transactions, all totalled to IDR 1.04 billion.

In the runner-up position, PT Telefast Indonesia Tbk (TFAS) reported 14.57% shift or IDR 440 increase from IDR 3,020 to IDR 3,460 per share. The traded shares reached 353,000 shares, all recorded in 445 transactions that cumulatively equals IDR 1.12 billion. A day prior, TFAS’s shares slipped IDR 220 lower. (LK/ZH)