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JAKARTA – In order to face the slump in coal industry that took a toll on its performance, PT Dana Brata Luhur Tbk (TEBE) prepares a plan to upgrade the status of its port from special terminal for coals to a Port Business Unit.

“It is vital for us to diversify our business,” said Dian Heryadi, President Director of TEBE, in Annual Public Expose 2024 of TEBE today (8/5).

It is revealed that for the past two years, TEBE has gradually made preparations for its port to handle transportation of other commodities besides coals, including fertilisers, CPO, cement, even containers and passengers.

It is worth mentioning that TEBE’s subsidiary that handles coal transport and port services is PT Pelabuhan Talenta Bumi (PTB). The stock portion of TEBE in PTB is recorded at 99.96% with total assets worth IDR 55.2 billion.

“So, in the next month or two, the status of PT Pelabuhan Talenta Bumi as a special port for coals will change into a public port,” claimed Heryandi.

In order to prepare this status upgrade to public terminal, TEBE claims to have allocated budgets to upgrade and add some of required infrastructures.

Out of total capital expenditure budget set for 2024 worth a total of IDR 47.6 billion, IDR 38.5 billion of them, equal to 81%, will be allocated to complete port infrastructures as a public port.

“Not many must be added; probably for CPO transport, there must be additional pipes and pumps, whereas cement transport will be the same as coals. For public port, there must be facility for passengers,” added Hendry Narindra Dewantoro, Director of TEBE, who also takes role as President Director of PTB. (ZH)