BUDI - PT. Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk

Rp 244

-2 (-0,81%)

JAKARTA - On Friday, June 23, a foreign investor, Asia Agri International Pte Ltd., was seen purchasing a massive amount of PT Estika Tata Tiara Tbk (BEEF) shares. This Singaporean investor immediately annexed more than 5.14 billion BEEF shares, increasing his ownership by more than 50%, from 31.31% to 81.59%. As a result, Asia Agri has taken control of this livestock and beef producer.

PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia, a new investor in palm oil producer PT Nusantara Sawit Sejahtera Tbk (NSSS), made another fantastic share purchase. This new investor purchased over 4.18 billion shares for a 17.58% ownership stake. This spending, however, was followed by the release of 3.1 billion NSSS shares from the company's majority shareholder, PT Mitra Agro Dharma Unggul. This investor used to own 50.25% of the company, but now only about 37.22% remains.

This time, PT ASABRI (Persero) also made some bold investments. This state-owned company, which manages insurance programs for TNI soldiers, police officers, and civil servants, became the new investor in not one but three issuers at the same time. First, ASABRI purchased 3.75 billion shares, or 8.11%, of the logging company PT Bumi Teknokultura Unggul Tbk (BTEK). Furthermore, ASABRI purchased up to 3.28 billion shares of the residential developer PT PP Properti Tbk (PPRO), giving it a 5.33% stake in the company. Finally, ASABRI purchased 347.96 million shares of PT Sanurhasta Mitra Tbk (MINA), gaining control of 5.3% of this resort property developer.

Furthermore, PT Merdeka Energi Nusantara was still buying PT Merdeka Battery Materials Tbk (MBMA) shares, albeit in a relatively small volume of only 1.85 million shares. Foreign investor UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd. also purchased 1.6 million shares of PT Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk (BUDI), a producer of chemicals and food products from cassava.

Another foreign investor, GOTO Peopleverse Fund, however, was once again selling up to 30 million shares of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO). Reksadana PAN Arcadia Ekuitas Progresif 2, a mutual fund investor, also divested 1.11 million shares of the investment company PT Himalaya Energi Perkasa Tbk (HADE). (KD)

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