BUMI - PT. Bumi Resources Tbk

Rp 92

-2 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA - Foreign net volume was still in the red at the end of the last week of July. On Friday, July 28, net foreign volume dropped to -370,715,000 shares, as foreign investors purchased approximately 1.94 billion shares and sold roughly 2.31 billion shares. With a purchase volume of 109.33 million shares, minimarket company PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk (MIDI) became the issuer with the highest net foreign volume, at 103.16 million shares. Meanwhile, PT Bukalapak.com Tbk (BUKA) had its 132.57 million shares released, bringing the net volume to around -107.60 million.

Foreign investors purchased a large number of shares in mining company PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI), totaling 136.42 million, but the net volume was only about half that, at 71.15 million. Shares of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS), a mineral mining subsidiary of BUMI, were also sold for nearly 70 million. BRMS' net volume, just like BUMI's, was only half of that figure, at 33.34 million shares. PT Nusantara Sawit Sejahtera Tbk (NSSS), a palm oil producer, then reported foreign purchases totaling nearly 90 million shares. Unfortunately, foreign sales of NSSS were also strong, resulting in a net volume of only 21.07 million shares. The telecommunications company PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) then closed the line of top-buy shares with a purchase volume of 35.75 million shares and a net volume of 20.44 million.

The digital issuer PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO), on the other hand, topped foreign sales volume after foreigners sold nearly 400 million of its shares. This issuer's net volume was also quite low at -60 million shares. Foreign investors also released up to 68.90 million shares of PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk (FREN) and 60.76 million shares of private bank PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA). FREN's net volume was approximately -51.74 million shares, while BBCA recorded -42.73 million shares. Finally, the state-owned telecommunications company, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (TLKM), reported quite high foreign sales of 88.67 million, with a net volume of -34.25 million shares closing the top sell row. (KD)

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