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JAKARTA. President Director and Chief Executive Officer of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk. (ADRO) Garibaldi Thohir expressed optimism about the 2023 coal sales volume target. This follows the achievement of a production volume of 33.41 million tonnes in Semester I-2023, up 19% from 28.02 million tonnes.

Meanwhile, the coal issuer's sales volume in the first semester of 2023 also rose 19% to 32.62 million tons, from the previous 27.50 million tons. "ADRO is ready to achieve its coal sales volume target in 2023, which is around 62 million–64 million tonnes," he said in a press release, Wednesday (9/8/2023).

Garibaldi, who is often called Boy Thohir, conveyed the performance achievements in Semester I-2023 at the same time marking sustainable business growth for the long term.

Recently, ADRO's subsidiary, PT Adaro Minerals Indonesia Tbk (ADMR), obtained a financial close of US$ 1.58 billion or IDR 2.5 trillion in May 2023 for the development of an aluminum smelter project with a capacity of 500,000 tons per year.

The smelter project undertaken by PT Kalimantan Aluminum Industry (KAI), a subsidiary of ADMR, has become a significant event in Adaro's business expansion into the mineral processing sector. In the second quarter of 2023, KAI completed land preparation, earthworks and temporary jetty construction. (AM/LM)