BUMI - PT. Bumi Resources Tbk

Rp 74

-2 (-3,00%)

JAKARTA - On Tuesday, September 12, net foreign volume dropped even further, reaching -1,005,938,700 shares. This figure represents the difference between the total number of shares purchased by foreigners (2.51 billion) and the total number of shares sold (3.51 billion). PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) had the lowest net volume at -431.85 million shares, with a sales volume of 957.59 shares. In contrast, PT Bukalapak.com Tbk (BUKA) had the highest foreign purchase volume of 291.84 million shares, as well as the highest net volume of more than 74.41 million.

PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) came in second on the top-sell list with a net volume of nearly -150 million shares after foreign investors sold 421.02 million shares of this mining holding company. Apparently, foreign investors also released a significant number of shares in its subsidiary, the mineral mining company PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS), totaling 237.56 million shares, but the net volume was only minus around 65.73 million. PT MNC Asia Holding Tbk (BHIT) then had a net volume of -76.18 million shares with a sales volume of approximately 76.53 million. Meanwhile, its subsidiary PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR) had foreign sales of nearly 30 million shares, although the media issuer's net volume was -28.82 million due to a lack of significant foreign purchases.

On the other hand, foreigners bought 86.95 million shares of telecommunications company PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk (FREN), making the net volume around half of that figure, at 40.30 million shares. Coal transportation services company PT Mandiri Herindo Adiperkasa Tbk (MAHA) and industrial area developer PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) both recorded purchase volumes of around 31 million shares, with MAHA's net volume slightly higher (2.96 million shares) than KIJA's (19.54 million shares). Finally, PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk (MIDI) reported a net volume of 16.72 million shares after nearly 18 million shares of this minimarket company were claimed by foreign investors. (KD)

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