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JAKARTA – Debuting today (11/10), PT Logisticsplus International Tbk (LOPI) has reportedly secured transportation contracts from PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional and is working on a feasibility study near Kulon Progo Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) for Angkasa Pura.

Wahyu Dwi Jatmiko, President Director of Logisticsplus International, mentioned that the company is aiming to score 40% year-on-year (yoy) EBITDA growth at the end of this year. "As of March 2023, we have secured half of our EBITDA target. We now focus on improving our customer acquisition from 2022," he added.

Then, Dwi Jatmiko confirmed that as of this month, the company is working on transportation of chemicals from the Netherlands to Indonesia for PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional.

"Using a chartered flight, we transport 150 tons of cargo from Amsterdam to Soekarno Hatta International Airport," he disclosed during the press conference of IPO of LOPI at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today (11/10).

Furthermore, LOPI also gains another feasibility study contract from Angkasa Pura in Yogyakarta, as well as another in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. "The contract value is varied, for one-year contract, the value reaches IDR 30 to 60 billion," Dwi Jatmiko added.

However, as a freight forwarding service provider, LOPI intends to hold back from mineral transportation this year due to fluctuating price of commodities, including coals.

"This year, we are working more on transportation of healthcare equipment, including MRI and CT scan machine, to assist hospital improvement across Indonesia," said Dwi Jatmiko. (ZH)