BRPT - PT. Barito Pacific Tbk

Rp 990

-5 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA - On Wednesday, October 25, more than 250 million shares of the coal mining company PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk (COAL) changed hands. Sujaka Lays sold 283 million shares of COAL for a remaining ownership percentage of 25.21%, but Hendra Hasan Kustarjo immediately purchased 250 million shares for a final ownership percentage of 22.40%. Prajogo Pangestu, another individual investor, was also seen purchasing 2.60 million shares of PT Barito Pacific Tbk (BRPT), which works in the petrochemical and energy sectors.

PT Damai Investama Sukses also bought 60 million shares of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA), which specialises in mining and construction vehicle rental. PT Paraga Arta Mida then purchased 9.50 million shares of PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk (BSDE), a real estate business. With a share purchase value of under 5 million shares, PT Sungai Budi again bought 3.55 million shares of cooking oil producer PT Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk (TBLA) and was followed by PT Bogamulia Nagadi, which bought 1.05 million shares of pharmaceutical product distributor PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (TSPC).

Meanwhile, PT Monjess Investama sold around 18.47 million shares in PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT), leaving 30.48% share ownership in the telecommunications product distributor company. GOTO Peopleverse Fund also sold 4.81 million shares of the digital company PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO), followed by PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance, which sold 3 million shares of PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk (META), an infrastructure investment and development business. (KD)

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