WEGE - PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk

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JAKARTA. PT Wijaya Karya Gedung Gedung Tbk (WEGE) booked a new contract amounting to IDR 3.32 trillion until October 2023.

Hadian Pramudita, President Director of WEGE, said that the company's acquisition of new contracts so far is still dominated by government projects, which contributed 84.67% of the total contracts. Then projects from SOE amounted to 5.07%, and private sector 10.26%.

"The new contract consists of 12.38% offices, 25.69% public facilities, 2.25% commercial, and 56.96% housing," said Pramudita, in a public presentation last Wednesday (29/11).

Meanwhile, Purba Yudha, Corporate Secretary of WEGE, said that his party would carry out internal consolidation in the future, to face the political year which is expected to put pressure on the property and construction industry. "Our guidelines regarding the 2024 target are being prepared and we will release them soon," said Yudha.

Apart from that, Yudha added that WEGE will be more selective in participating in project tenders, taking into account the profile of the contract organizer. "For now we are looking at the financial capabilities of the owner, so that the quality of the project is good and the risks are quite measurable," said Yudha. (KR/LM)