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JAKARTA. PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk (SIDO)'s commitment as a herbal pharmaceutical company has been proven by receiving the award as The Best CEO in Herbal Pharmaceuticals from TEMPO-IDNFinancials at the TOP CEO INDONESIA 2023 event last weekend at the Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort Hotel, Bali.

"This award proves to all stakeholders and especially investors that I as the CEO will continue to do my best in leading Sido Muncul. This achievement is of course driven by the best support from all Directors, Board of Commissioners, all Sido Muncul employees," said the President Director of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk (SIDO), David Hidayat, after receiving the award as The Best CEO in Herbal Pharmaceuticals.

David expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He hopes that the award, which he considers extraordinary and prestigious, will be maintained in the future.

TOP CEO INDONESIA 2023 is a prestigious award for the CEO of a Public Company (Tbk) for their achievements and success in leading the company in the aspect of herbal medicines. This appreciation is given through a number of stages of data collection and research, including financial and company sustainability reports, as well as face-to-face or virtual interviews with CEOs.

SIDO received the Best CEO in Herbal Pharmaceuticals award after its success in getting through the Covid-19 pandemic by boosting its strategy to increase the production of herbal medicine which the public believes can maintain the body's immunity, including Tolak Angin and Kuku Bima Energi.

David was burdened with great responsibility when he was appointed as CEO of Sido Muncul in 2018, two years before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. As Operational Director during the 2013-2018 period, David offered the knowledge and skills needed to support Sido Muncul's operations amidst high demand during the pandemic crisis.

It is not surprising that SIDO during the 2020 pandemic managed to increase sales to IDR 3.067 trillion from IDR 2.76 trillion achieved during the previous pandemic in 2019, when other companies in 2020 suffered very high losses. Sales continued to increase until 2022, amounting to IDR 4.02 trillion, while recording the highest record in SIDO’s history. Meanwhile, SIDO achieved the highest profit for the current year in 2021 amounting to IDR 1.2 trillion

The highest sales achievement was achieved in 2021 amounting to IDR 1.27 trillion and the highest compared to the current year's profit obtained in the previous two years, namely in 2019 amounting to IDR 807.69 billion, increasing to IDR 929.76 billion in 2020. However, in 2022, the current year's profit decreased slightly to IDR 1.12 trillion. Meanwhile, in the third quarter of 2023, SIDO managed to record sales of IDR 2.36 trillion with a profit for the current period of IDR 586.57 billion. (AM/LM)