JAKARTA. The total value of Indonesia's exports throughout 2023 reached US$ 258.82 billion, down 11.33% compared to 2022. This decline was caused by a decline in oil and gas and non-oil and gas exports.

Deputy for Distribution and Services Statistics of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Pudji Ismartini explained that non-oil and gas exports reached US$ 242.90 billion or down 11.96% (year on Year=YoY), while oil and gas exports reached US$ 15.92 billion or down 0.47% (YoY).

Sectorally, Pudji revealed that the decline in the value of non-oil and gas exports occurred in all sectors, especially exports from the processing industry sector, which throughout 2023 fell by 9.26% (yoy). Commodities that experienced a decline included mineral fuels (HS 27), animal or vegetable fats and oils (HS 15) and various chemical products (HS 38). "The reason is, this processing industry holds a share of 76.98% of total non-oil and gas exports," said Pudji, Monday 15/1/2024.

Meanwhile, exports from the mining and other sectors recorded a decline of 20.68% (YoY) due to the decline in prices of several mining commodities on the global market. Exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products fell 10.04% (YoY). (AM/LM)