CGAS - PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang Tbk

Rp 133

-9 (-6,34%)

JAKARTA - PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (TPIA) was seen shifting 24.93% throughout yesterday’s (18/1) trading session. It arrived at the top amongst 10 other top gainers in the capital market.

Based on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted Friday (19/1), TPIA’s shares increased IDR 850 to IDR 4,260 from the previous (18/1) closing price of IDR 3,410 per share. It was then closed at IDR 4,260, and recorded the lowest price of IDR 3,430 each.

The volume of transaction of TPIA’s shares clocked up to 96.4 million within 28,701 transactions worth IDR 390.05 billion. The day before (18/1), 50.42 million shares were traded within 11,505 transactions worth IDR 174.85 billion.

In the meantime,  PT Citra Nusantara Gemilang Tbk (CGAS) crawled up to the runner-up spot with 22.58% jump in stock price. It was locked at IDR 760 at the closing bell, growing IDR 140 from the previous closing price of IDR 620 per share. Its highest price was IDR 770, and the lowest was reported at IDR 620 per share.

The transaction volume of CGAS’s shares was reported at 750.03 million, recorded within 43,814 transactions worth IDR 536.23 billion. As a newcomer, these were quite an impressive number. Prior to this, it was reported that 46,470 transactions, involving 722.19 million shares worth IDR 431.92 billion. (LK/ZH)