ENRG - PT. Energi Mega Persada Tbk

Rp 224

-2 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA - A share purchase transaction was carried out on Tuesday, February 6, transferring 520 million shares of PT Hassana Boga Sejahtera Tbk (NAYZ), the company that makes baby food, to PT Asia Intrainvesta. With this deal, Asia Intrainvesta's holdings of NAYZ shares, which it had previously held in excess of 720 million, increased by approximately 20% to 48.63%. A different shareholder, PT Hassana Investa Utama, relinquished control of these shares, and as a result, its ownership percentage dropped to 7.84%. The two investors went through PT Indo Capital Sekuritas, a securities company, for these transactions.

Afterward, two major investors had the opportunity to trade shares in PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk (ENRG). The oil and gas exploration and trading issuer saw 90 million shares purchased by PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia, while 783.48 million shares were sold by PT Bakrie Kalila Investment.

PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk followed suit by buying 5.53 million of the hospital operator PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (SAME) shares, and PT Arthakencana Rayatama subsequently followed suit, acquiring nearly 3 million shares of fuel distributor PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (AKRA). Not to be left behind, PT Bogamulia Nagadi also bought 1.80 million shares of PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (TSPC), a pharmaceutical company.

The shares of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk were, however, again sold by two foreign investors in this technology issuer: GOTO Peopleverse Fund sold 22.72 million, and (GOTO) SVF GT Subco (Singapore) Pte Ltd sold 69.06 million. Lastly, 18.69 million shares of PT Bintang Oto Global Tbk (BOGA), a business involved in the automotive industry, were released by PT Suge Talesta Guna. (KD)

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