JAKARTA – Manulife Indonesia, one of most renowned insurance companies in Indonesia, kicks off Manulife Pro 2024, an annual recognition program held for high-performing Life Planners of Manulife across Indonesia.

“We would like to give a form of recognition to our agents, who have been showing their professionalism in dealing with clients,” said Novita Rumngangun, Vice President Director and GM Agency of Manulife Indonesia during the Press Conference of Manulife Pro Launch.

This program features 500 best Life Planners, or Manulife agents, from across Indonesia, who had been selected through special qualifications. In other words, they represent the top 4% of all Manulife agents, which have now reached over 12,000, according to Rumngangun.

“In the future, this will be a regular program, so that the Life Planners may enhance their professionalism to be able to offer the best products specifically tailored to users,” added William Satriadi Soetrisno, Deputy of GM Agency of Manulife Indonesia on the same occasion.

Best Life Planners will have a chance to participate in a special development and training classes, which are expected to improve their professionalism and skills required to provide optimised services for their clients.

“Other lifestyle benefits include special breastpin, personal branding in our official website, health protection, retirement protection, and others,” added Soetrisno.

Great-performing agents are also expected to balance out the contribution of premium income of Manulife, which is now dominated by bancassurance. “We wish to expand the number of participants of Manulife pro, from 500 to 1,000, to 2,00, even 4,000,” added Rumngangun.

In terms of business update, according to Rumngangun, Manulife Indonesia is having early review and discussion of spinning off its sharia unit with OJK. “It generates positive results,” she concluded. (ZH)