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JAKARTA - PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk (BNII) recorded dividend income for the fiscal year 2023 from its subsidiary, PT Maybank Indonesia Finance (BIIF), worth IDR 177.51 billion. This dividend is higher than the dividend of the fiscal year 2022 of IDR 176.18 billion.

Arief Soerendro, Corporate Secretary of BIIF, mentioned that the company scored net profit of IDR 443.78 billion in 2023, from which is distributed as dividend to BNII, representing 32.37 million shares it owns. Another portion is distributed to Koperasi Karyawan BNII, which owns one share worth IDR 5,000. “The remaining 2023 net profit, after deducting the dividend, now amounted to IDR 266.27 billion, is stored as retained earnings,” he explained in the information disclosure quoted Friday (19/4).

In 2023, Maybank Finance’s revenue clocked up to IDR 1.09 trillion, recording highest contribution from consumer financing segment of IDR 893.02 billion, followed by finance leasing of IDR 162.79 billion, interest income of IDR 2.51 billion, ijarah leasing of IDR 383 million, and others of IDR 41.12 billion.

For comparison, in 2022, this subsidiary of BNII reported operating profit of IDR 440.46 billion, distributed as dividend to shareholders that represented 32.27 million shares and one share of Koperasi Karyawan BNII worth IDR 5,000. The retained earnings worth IDR 264.27 billion were then set aside as retained earnings.

BIIF scored revenue of IDR 1.03 trillion in 2022, in which financing segment brought in IDR 863.50 billion, finance leasing of IDR 112.01 billion, interest income of IDR 2.03 billion, ijarah leasing of IDR 163 million, and others of IDR 58.43 billion. (LK/ZH)