JAKARTA. Runchise, a start-up in culinary franchise and restaurant management based in Indonesia, has secured a funding worth USD 1 million, led by East Ventures.

Prior to this, East Ventures had also channelled funding for Runchise. Genesia Ventures, a Japanese venture capital, is now participating in this current round of funding.

Daniel Witono, Co-Founder and CEO of Runchise, mentioned that this round of funding will reinforce Runchise’s postion as a solution provider for food and beverages (F&B) industry. “We believe technology is pivotal in ensuring the efficiency of operational activities of F&B industry. Aside from that, we are committed to provide innovative solution and adjust it to industry players, enabling them to expand its business,” he said in the official statement.

Meanwhile, Melisa Irene, Partner of East Ventures, has confirmed that her company has doubled the investment in Runchise after considering the high potential in F&B industry. “With the combination of Daniel and Runchise team, we believe Runchise will continue to play its vital role in digitalising F&B ecosystem in Indonesia,” she added.

According to IDNFinancials data, Runchise is a start-up operating since 2022 under PT Teknologi Kuliner Kekinian. Runchise is focusing on technology-based monitoring and controlling activities, which are said to improve profitability of culinary businesses. (KR/ZH)