BBCA - PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk

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JAKARTA - A product of pension fund to reach out more of Indonesian consumers is established with the synergy of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) and PT AIA. The pension fund is expected to reach at least 16 million of consumers.

Christine Setyabudhi, Senior Executive Vice President of Wealth Management PT BCA Tbk stated that the product was released to accompany consumers, who needed a pension fund, in their journey of life. “The reason why we launch this, it is because we would like to provide the best commitment to our customers, which is about 16 million of them. And now, we already have quite a variety of insurance products - accident insurance, health insurance, life insurance, critical illness, education, etc. It is time for a new product to be in the next stage of life, which is ensuring that retirement will be safe and prosperous.” she said.

In insurance products, BCA already has a lot of products; such as accident insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and education. As present, the bank aims to reach customers, who need more onto a pension fund. (LK/W)