JAKARTA - Modalku, a financial technology platform, is being selective in disbursing loans due to the
economic condition during the COVID-19.

Reynold Irsian Wijaya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Modalku, said for unwillingly to be in massively
disbursing loans to customers to maintain profitability. "We have to be wise; when we need to fight and
when we need to be careful," he said.

According to him, the total of loan distribution is already around IDR 40 trillion for five countries in

Southeast Asia in this fourth quarter of 2022. Particularly in Indonesia, loan disbursement has already
reached IDR 7 trillion.

"This figure has not grown too much compared to the previous year, this year we need to be wise," he said.

Reynold Irsian Wijaya said that his party would priorities more into quality in credit distribution. Lending
must be accompanied with good returns. "If the money doesn`t return, we can collapse. This is the
reason why you should be careful, when to establish a portfolio,"he said.
Apart from Indonesia, Modalku is also present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. (LK/W)