JAKARTA - PT BNP Paribas Asset Management (AM) is optimistic that the ESG Equity Mutual Fund product will be accepted by customers considering it is a long-term investment product with consistent growth.

Priyo Santoso, President Director of PT BNP Paribas AM said that ESG Equity Mutual Funds will tend to provide consistent returns in the long term. "The term volatility or fluctuation is not as sharp as conventional products," he said.

As an example, the price of constituent stocks in the Sri Kehati Index in the last 10 years has performed better than the stock prices of issuers in other conventional indices. In fact, it is better than conventional stock mutual fund products.

"I can say that (investors, red) see this yield is indeed better than conventional indices," he said.

According to him, issuers that pay attention to ESG aspects will have better financial performance, including stock performance on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). (LK/LM)