TSPC - PT. Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk

Rp 2.000

-10 (-0,50%)

JAKARTA - PT Estee Gold Feet Tbk (EURO), a producer of cosmetic aerosols and household appliances, gained two new investors on Friday, April 19. First, PT Bhakti Cahaya Intiperkasa purchased approximately 127.65 million EURO shares, amounting to 5.01% ownership. Aside from that, PT. Bersama Jaya Solusi now owns 7.79% of EURO shares, having purchased 198.44 million shares. In addition, another EURO investor, PT. Majukarya Mandiri Indonesia, purchased 39.20 million shares, increasing its stake from 5.99% to 7.53%. On the other hand, EURO's majority shareholder, PT Timmsyale, reduced its shares by 199 million, reducing its equity stake from 43.51% to 35.7%.

Other news came from property developer PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk (ASRI), which saw its 54.76 million shares purchased by PT Maybank Sekuritas Indonesia. On the other hand, PT. Manunggal Prime Development did sell ASRI shares at the same volume. In addition, the controller of the pharmaceutical company PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (TSPC), PT Bogamulia Nagadi, increased its stake by 1.85 million shares.

Meanwhile, foreign investor GOTO Peopleverse Fund sold nearly 945 million shares of technology-based digital ecosystem company PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO), while Manoj Dhamoo Punjabi sold 2 million shares of the film company and production house PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM). Finally, PT Gading Danalestari released 1.47 million shares of PT Eka Sari Lorena Transport Tbk (LRNA), also known as Lorena Transport. (KD)

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