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JAKARTA – Faty Khusumo, CEO of  PT Temas Tbk (TMAS), has secured the Best CEO in Logistics and Deliveries award in TOP CEO Awards 2023 at Sofitel Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali last Friday (1/12). Tempo-IDNFinancials has granted the title following her performance and contribution in improving shipping industry through TMAS.

Not long ago, IDNFinancials sat down with Khusumo regarding her role in leading TMAS. During the conversation, she revealed the plan of vessel acquisition in order to optimise domestic and international shipping industry. “Our oldest vessel—the average age is 14 years, but the oldest one is 25 years, as far as I know. So, we now have 50 units; 47 of which sail across Indonesia, and another 3 serve international routes,” she explained.

According to Khusumo, those international route vessels are specifically designed for cargo projects, as well as goods with heavy and huge dimension, with a volume of up to 460 tons. “So, they may be used in transporting gigantic dump truck in one-go, or a windmill, which may span 70 metres. We also have transported submarine cable, huge, in one roll,” she said.

In 2022, this company recorded net profit of IDR 4.87 trillion, shifting from IDR 3.37 trillion seen in the same period in 2021. The primary contributor of the revenue was shipping services, generating IDR 4.98 trillion, followed by stevedoring services of IDR 545.69 billion. The volume of transported goods rose 2% in 2022 to 512.371 TEUs from 500,998 TEUs in 2021. The current year’s net profit was recorded at IDR 1.41 trillion, soaring 102.5% from the same period in 2021. The shipping services contributed IDR 1.27 trillion of net profit, while stevedoring services generated IDR 125.21 billion.

Its assets nearly doubled within the past five years. In 2022, its total assets were recorded at IDR 4.40 trillion, shifting from IDR 2.83 trillion in 2018. Its liabilities also soared from IDR 1.76 trillion in 2018 to IDR 2.17 trillion, while total equity grew from IDR 1.06 trillion in 2018 to IDR 2.22 trillion.

In 2022, the issuer also secured five routes included in the sea highway programmes:

  • Route T-17: Tanjung Perak-Saumlaku-Dobo-Tanjung Perak,
  • Route T-18: Tanjung Perak-Badas-Bima-Tanjung Perak,
  • Route T-20: Tanjung Perak-Tarakan-Nunukan-Tanjung Perak
  • Route T-21: Tanjung Perak-Namlea-Tanjung Perak, and
  • Route H-5: Tanjung Perak-Merauke-Agats-Timika (Pomako)-Tanjung Perak. (LK/ZH)