DLTA - PT. Delta Djakarta Tbk

Rp 2.830

-60 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Delta Djakarta Tbk (DLTA), an alcoholic beverage manufacturer, decided to pay out dividend of IDR 281 per share for the fiscal year 2023, down 15.7% from the dividend allocation in 2022, following the net profit decline in 2023.

In total, with 800.66 million listed shares, cash dividend clocked up to IDR 225 billion. Based on Financial Report 2023, DLTA’s net profit only reached IDR 199.6 billion.

Therefore, DLTA’s dividend payout ratio reached 113%. In other words, the company must take up its retained earnings to distribute the dividend to its shareholders for this fiscal year.

It is worth mentioning that net profit decline of DLTA in 2023 reached 13.2% year-on-year (yoy) from IDR 230.1 billion in 2022. Based on the explanation of DLTA’s management during the Public Expose 2024, this negative shift was in line with net revenue decline by up to 5.4% yoy to IDR 736.8 billion.

The management claimed that the revenue decrease is due to sales volume decrease. “Last year was indeed a challenging year for us,” Ronny Titiheruw, Director of Sales of DLTA, admitted during the Public Expose 2024 this Thursday (16/5).

The performance decline was unfortunately persistent in Q1 2024, as seen in revenue that slipped to IDR 171.01 billion, while net profit followed with a decrease to DR 43.1 billion.

However, the management remains optimistic about attaining improved outcome at the end of 2024, compared to last year. “As the potential of alcoholic beverage market is actually very extensive,” added Titiheruw. (ZH)